Deadmau5 at Earls Court

Deadmau5 at Earls Court

Friday, 25 November 2011

Big Bad Beats

Seeing as the main reason I'm writing this blog at the minute is because of 'the music' seems to make sense that I put up some tunes that I'm currently digging at the minute. Hopefully someone else, maybe you might appreciate them as well. Here goes......

I was a massive fan of Jamie Jones and his Azari & III remix of Hungry For The Power and didn't think that his next remix would be able to live up to it. But I couldn't have been more wrong. I think other than the pounding subtly of the bass drum and crisp snares it's just the fact that this man makes some cool fucking music. You can't help but put yourself in some smoky club while listening and the contrasting vocals fit together beautifully. Perfect.

Now don't expect everything that I put up to be completely contemporary. The way I look at it is that I've only just started this shit today so have a lot of ground to make up. And although Dubfire's Emissions has been around long enough to rack up about half a million views on the Tube (not bad for a minimal techno song I.M.O.) it's one that still gets my head bopping. It's minimal, crisp, clean and when you actually feel the bass through some decent speakers then you really get lost in the music.

I'm going to finish by pushing the latest release from Eric Prydz, his synth-tastic remix of Digitalism's Circles. The vocals fit perfectly with the trademark leads that make his progressive Pryda originals so individual. As usual there's enough time to savor the breakdowns before it builds into drop which is, as always with Prydz crisp, and elevating. Enjoy

Before finishing this blog I just wanted to mention something that pissed me off pretty recently. Although I'm linking Youtube I would like to point out that they annoy the fuck out of me with their copyright laws. Recently I had one of mine uploads (a great live remix of Deadmau5's Arguru, unsurprisingly) blocked by Black Hole Recordings, Tiesto's record label if I'm not mistaken. Now while they do have the rights to Arguru, what annoys me is I think it goes completely against the idea of music to shut everything down. The version I put up wasn't available to be heard anywhere else, I haven't and wasn't ever going to upload it to Mediafire, etc etc and as it's not an official version but a one off live performance that only deadmau5 will have a copy of (maybe not even him) so the record company isn't making any money from it anyway. My view is that good music needs to be shared and the video hadn't even got more than 1000 views, so I hope those few hundred enjoyed. The only question remains, should I upload it to Soundcloud..........

They witness me operating my automobile, they disapprove

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