Deadmau5 at Earls Court

Deadmau5 at Earls Court

Friday, 25 November 2011

Time To Blog

Having started this blog over a year ago merely to have an inane waffle about deadmau5 I thought it was time to take it up but with more of an objective viewpoint. Having lived with three advertisers now for the past three months I have a new found appreciation for the blog and plan to spend many long hours now uploading everything and anything to do with electronic dance music. IDM or EDM but not IBM is about the only thing I have a real passion about and definitely the only thing I enjoy writing about really. It also helps that I'm pretty opinionated about the whole scene as well. And whenever that gets too tedious there's always time for the odd meme ;)

Scrutinize thyself,
Before thou devastates thyself

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